A Message From Jamii's Founder

"Cuz...we ain't gonna get free in one language!"

¡Hola a todes! 


I'm Jamila, Founder of Jamii Linguists.  Language & Diaspora is our flagship initiative because I'm a global Black citizen who understands that global movements need multilingual freedom fighters. (I mean, you cain't have an interpreter with you 24/7.)


As a social justice linguist with nearly 20 years of experience, I designed Language & Diaspora to integrate language learning with coalition building among pro-Black folx and the organizations that serve us.  Personally, I've worked as a foreign language instructor, a Spanish/English interpreter and translator, and I manage a network of linguists that speak more than 100 languages.


Currently, I speak:  English (native),

Spanish (fluent), French/Portuguese (conversational).


This is what I do:  I help people build community - in more than one language! 


I believe that connected multilingual communities can - and will - help create the changes we need for our neighborhoods, nations, and world!


 Since, I didn't see many spaces that centered both Blackness and effective language learning strategies - I created one!


Jamila Craig, Esq.

Founder of Jamii Linguists


Find a resource that’s right for you. 

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THE CONVERSATION CLUB - A private FB community for those interested in learning English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese at their own pace.

6-Month Spanish Intensive - An immersive virtual experience that includes classes, language exchanges, personalized language coaching, and progress tracking.


A message from la familia...

Oprah Davidson


I was a bit skeptical...

Spanish Intensive Program: "I just want to say for the record that this group has been the best thing that has happened to me since the shutdown started. I’m so grateful for the time we’ve had together. To be completely honest I was a bit skeptical on whether or not I’d be able to see any noticeable improvement on my spanish in just 30 days, but I’ll be damned, I have! Gracias a todos!"

Debra J. East


This was an excellent workshop.

Multilingual Freedom Fighter Workshop: "This was an excellent workshop.  The scenarios used helped thinking not only in my mind and also in my body, always a way to keep the learning going for me.  Jamila's daily dedication to multiple language fluencies is a lesson all its own.  My goal is fluency in ASL in my work as a supervisor. This workshop helped me in that goal.  Looking forward to more!"


1-on-1 Language Coaching: "Your direction for ASL is all the more valuable to me as teleworking and physical distancing sure align with what you helped plan."

Kim Wright


Gracias Amiga.

Spanish Intensive Program: "You are a gem and good at what you do...are doing. Let me just say dos importante words. Thank You.


You are right on all of your instructions and learning guides.  Just this few minutes helped me."

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